• Gulabs Mojito Syrup


    A classic, now bottled up, with the same goodness. This concentrate comes packed with mint, citrus and a pinch of salt; making a classic mojito in a jiffy. Refresh and rejuvenate with every sip of this beverage.

    Recommendation: Tastes best when mixed in water or soda or when used to make cocktails or mocktails

    Direction of use: 50 ml syrup + 200 ml Water/Soda

    No additional sugar required. Serve chilled.

    Every bottle makes 12-15 glasses

    Quantity: 500 ml

    Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Mint Leaves, Lemon Juice, Salt. Contains permitted Class II Preservative (E224)

    Shelf Life: 6 months


    Gulabs Mojito Syrup

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  • Cinnamon Elaichi Sharbat


    Special and Exclusive Cinnamon Elaichi Sharbat from Gulabs. Savour the zestful medley of Ceylon cinnamon (Dal Chini in Hindi), Kerala clove and cardamom. This divine concoction will refresh your palate, and certainly, leave you craving for more.

    Recommendation: Tastes best when mixed with hot or cold water, or in mocktails.

    Direction of Use: 50 ml concentrate + 250 ml water

    No additional sugar required

    Each bottle makes 12-15 glasses


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