• Pushp Achar Masala

    Pushp Achar Masala is a blend of fresh and aromatic spices that is ground together to be the assistive agent that can make you the creator of the most perfect pickles and condiments. Pickels are the best suited with Indian dishes, responsible for the punch it gives to food in the plate. Be it the most loved Aam Ka Achaar or Mixed Vegetable Achaar, our Achaar Masala is guaranteed to be the best, because our spice blend is simply the best.

    Achar or pickle is an important part of any Indian household. Its a condiment with all meals and many kinds of snacks. Pushp Achar Masala is a blend of fresh aromatic spices that are ground together to give your mango and vegetable pickles a great flavor and rich colour.

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  • Pushp Hing – 100 gms

    Shahi Hing is also used as an agent in pickling. When paired with turmeric, it is commonly found in lentil curries like dal, along with other vegetable dishes. Hing can be used to balance out foods that are too sour, sweet, salty, or spicy.


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