• Ratan Nimbu Achari Puri- 400 gms

    Nimbu Achari Puri is Maida puri with a tangy flavour of nimbu ka achar. A favourite snacks for your anytime guests as well as you.
    Order this favourite snack and get it delivered anywhere across India.
  • Ratan Hing Mogar- 500 gms

    Crispy, healthy, tasty Moong Mogar with an amazing added flavor of hing. Order yummy Moong Mogar on www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered across India.

  • Ratan Dalmoth – 500 gms

    Tempting Dalmoth with a ‘Chatakdar’ taste.

    Order on www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered anywhere across India.

  • Cornflakes Mixture – Ratan

    Conflakes mixture is healthy  snack or namkeen made using cornflakes cereal. It is less oily, with fewer calories and equally crunchy and tasty.

  • Ratan Hing Mixture – 400 gms

    Famous Indori  namkeen with special flavor of hing. To get this for your self or to get it delivered for any once across India, order online on www.khaochatpata.com

  • Ratan Kothmir Chiwda-500 gms

    Kothmir mixture is the mixture with taste and flavour of kothmir.This additional flavour makes it very delicious.

  • Ratan Mini Kachori – 400gms

    Kachori, a chatpata snack that can be relished by all ages at any time. Indore is very famous for kachori’s. These mini kachori’s last for long, hence can be easily stored and used as and when required, hence sudden guests at home? Do not worry, serve JMB Mini Kachori with tamirind/ green chutney or sauce, and give them a special treat. Order JMB Mini Kachori along with other Namkeen and Sweets on www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered at your door steps.

    Contains 2x 200gms = 400 gms

  • Doodh Sev – Ratan – 500 Gms

    p>The famous sev with a mix of dhoodh (milk) to give it a juicy feel. Doodh sev has a vibrant tropical flavor that balances the taste of tart, salt & spices. Doodh sev is a non spicy sev hence suitable for kids too who would love to eat sev.

  • Khatta Meetha Mixture – Ratan

    A crunchy, sweet and sour snack that will tickle all your taste buds. It has sweet flavour with golden raisins, salty chickpea flour strings and a tart spice flavor. Enjoy with cold drinks or hot tea and coffee.

  • Ratan Masala Mixture – 500 gms

    Masala Mixture Namkeen is known for its quality spiciness. The Masala Mixture Namkeens are made from the best ingredients. This Masala Mixture Namkeen is freshly processed and packed.It can be serve with Tea & coffee.

  • Ratan Banana Chips Falahari

    Falahari Banana Chips are a good snack for fasting times. They can be consumed anytime though whether you are fasting or not. Enjoy it along with your tea or coffee or as a mid meal snack.

  • Ratlami Sev – Ratan Sev Bhandar – 500 gms

    A popular and crispy sev made with gram flour, spices and condiments, adds taste to everything that you eat.

  • Ratan Lal Chana Dal-500 gms

    Ratan’s Spicy Chana Dal is a yummy tea time snack. It enhances the taste of many breakfast items like upma.

  • Ratan Ujjaini Sev – 500 Gms

    Ratan has a speciality in ujjaini namkeen because of its unbeatable taste. Ujjaini sev is little soft  and little crispy having a great taste. Sprinkle Ujjaini Sev with Poha and enhance the taste of Poha. Call/Whats app on +91 7024158899 and get delivery or gift anywhere across India.

  • Ratan Barik Sev 500 gms

    Bareek Sev or  Fiki Sev adds wonders to your sev puri, bhel puri, sev papdi, or any kinds of Chaat. It is a non-spicy and very fine sev especially made to give the snacks a “tastier” look.

    Order on www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered anywhere across India.

  • Ratan Sabji Sev – 500 gms

    For those who love sev ki sabji, this sev is perfect for it. A bit spicy and a bit thick. And for those who are wondering what is sev ki sabji?  Yes you can make delicious sabji with sev. So to enjoy sev ki sabji order right away from www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered at your doorstep.

  • Ratan Double Laung Sev – 500 gms

    Double laung sev is prepared from premium quality besan and spices. It has additional flavour of laung which makes it tastier and yes spicier too.

  • Ratan Hing Chana Dal – 500 gms

    Ratans Hing dal is Chana Dal with special flavor of hing. Prepared under hygienic condition. Hing acts as a great  blood purifying agent.

  • Ratan Special Mixture – 500 gms

    Ratan special Mixture is a Sneaky Mixture  flavoured with exclusively created, tried & tasted seasoning-spice mix. A signature product of Ratan Sev Bhandar and a must try. Order on www.khaochatpata.com andget it delivered all across Indore.


  • Ratan Kaju Katli – 400 gms

    Kaju Katli is a most sought after sweet made with cashew nuts.

  • Ratan Roasted Chana Jor – 400 gms

    The roasted and healthier version of your all time favorite snack chana jor.


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