Khaochatpata Chatpata Points Loyalty Program

Chatpata Points Earning Formula*

1 Chatpata point assigned for every 5 Rs. spent.
Minimum order value of Rs. 500.
Maximum points that can be earned per order – 300 points.
Expiry date on earned points – 45 days

Terms & conditions apply. All rights reserved

Chatpata Points Redemption Formula*

Every 2 points can be redeemed against RS. 1 discount on eligible products and orders only*.
Max points that can be used per order – 150
Minimum order value to redeem – Rs. 500

*Terms & conditions apply. All rights reserved

Terms of use and FAQ
What is Chatpata Points Progarm?

Khaochatpata.com Chatpata points is a customer loyalty program that is customized specifically to say thanks to our regular customers.

How does one earn chatpata points at khaochatpata.com?

Earning Chatpata Points at Khaochatpata.com is an auto process where ou are allocated chatpata points on every* purchase at khaochatpata.com. To earn Chatpata points your purchase should fulfil the basic minimum order value of Rs. 500.

Is there any other way to earn chatpata points other than make a purchase?

At present Team Khaochatpata.com Chatpata points loyalty progam is evolving and we are looking to add more ways for customers to earn chatpata points.

How many chatpata points do I earn on my purchase?

The Chatpata point allocation is a dynamic mechanism and could be different based on product category, product brand or as per any specific scheme operating. For every order you will be able to see the chatpata points that you will earn with that order for your reference.

Is there any validity on chatpata points?

Chatpata Points at khaochatpata.com expire after 45 days from the date of your order, and are allocated after delivery of your order.

Is there any maximum points allocated against each order?

Chatpata points allocation scheme is dynamic and keeps on changing based on other discount schemes on the site, but in most cases there is always a maximum points that will be allocated against any order.

How can I redeem Chatpata Points ?

The Chatpata points that have earned can be redeemed to take discount against future purchases that one makes. The number of chatpata points that you can redeem can depend on the product amount, order total, product brands or on any other discount scheme that may be applied to your order. As Chatpata points is a dynamic point system, the allocation and redemption mechanism may be changed. 

Is there any Maximum Points I can redeem against discounts

Chatpata points loyalty program is a dynamic discount program and the amount of discount that you can redeem on your purchase shall change based on the scheme at that point in time. There is a maximum Chatpata points that you can redeem with any single purchase, the value of which you shall be shown in your cart when you try to redeem the chatpata points. 

I have made a purchase qualifying for Chatpata points Loyalty program, but havent received the points in my khaochatpata dashboard?

Chatpata points on an order are allocated after the dispatch of an order, so if you havent been allocated chatpata points as yet the reason could be that your order is recent and hasnt been dispatched yet. If that is not the case you can just drop us an email at info@khaochatpata.com and our team will look into the matter and resolve if any issues.

Can Chatpata points be used against Shipping Amount?

Chatpata points can only be redeemed against eligible products and cannot be redeemed against shipping amounts or any other charges. 

I am not able to redeem my existing chatpata points, why?

Chatpata points can only be redeemed against eligible orders. The minimum validity for an order to be able to use chatpata points is Rs. 500. If your order is above Rs. 500 and you are still not able to use chatpata points that means that your order in some way or other doesnt qualify redemption (for example an other discount scheme applied or the products in your cart not being eligible for chatpata points redemption)

My Chatpata points are expiring, can I exchange against cash/amount transfer

Chatpata points is just a loyalty points system and not a cash wallet scheme, hence the chatpata points can only be used to take discount against future purchases and cannot be exchanged or refunded against any cash or free product or bank transfers. 

Can I transfer my Chatpata points to another user

Chatpata points is a Loyalty program and it is specifically for the account it has been allocated to. Chatpata points cannot be shared, transferred or used for any other purpose other than eligible purchases discount. 

For any queries related to chatpata points loyalty program you can drop us an email at info@khaochatpata.com or send us a direct whatsapp message at =91-7024158888. 

Termination & Liability

Khaochatpata.com reserves the rights to terminate, stop or cancel the Chatpata Loyalty points Program at any point in time or make changes to the terms and conditions of the program from immediate effect and when required. 


khaochatpata.com reserves the right, at any time, without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, to add/alter/modify/change or vary these terms and conditions or to replace, wholly or in part, this offer by another offer, whether similar to this Offer or not, or to extend or withdraw it altogether.

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