• Thandai Masala Premix – 100 gms

    A nourishing drink loaded with kesar and almonds, poppy seeds, roses, black pepper, fennel seeds and lot more. A special seasonal drink perfect for the summers. This soothing traditional drink is very nourishing and delicious too. Just add this special home made thandai powder to sweet milk, load it with ice and relish every sip.

    Order the special Thandai Masala online on www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered anywhere across India.

    Serves approx 5 Glasses

  • Aata Laddu – 400 Gms

    Aata Laddu, made with best quality pure ghee. Feel the ladoos melt in your mouth as you enjoy the homely taste.

  • Shahi Dryfruit Chiwda – Home Made

    This special home style chiwda is a favourite for Special occassions like Holi other festivals and even for your regular chewing. This Shahi Home style Chiwda is made of Premium Indori Poha and contains Cashewnuts, Peanuts, Coconut Flakes and a distinct flavour of Neem and kadi patta.

    This special home style Chiwda will keep you wanting more of it and has a perfect balance for people who eat less spicy namkeen. Just order it once and we are sure you will add it to every order of yours.

  • Special Namakpare Home Made – 500gms

    One of the most favourite Tea Time Snacks and a Great serve and much on festive seasons. This Special Home Made Chatpate Namakpare would be a great snack to serve to your guests during Holi

  • Special Shakkarpare Home Made – 500 Gms

    Shakkarpare is a all time snack and a favorite of all age groups. These fresh Moms Love shakarpare are so tasty that you will not stop after having them once. Order meethe shakarpare online through www.khaochatpata.com or Call/Whats ap on +91 7024158899 and get delivery at your door steps or gift across anywhere in India.

  • Virgin Besan Sev Home Made – 500gms

    Home made Besan Sev with no preservatives, a Yummy Chew for your snacks. The taste is just too good for any age. The yummy snack has no preservatives added and thus is a pure munch for your tea time also.

  • Bedmi Puri Instant Mix – 500gm

    A Northern India specialty that can be eaten at any time or meal of the day. Also ideal for festivals and seasons and weathers all year round. Made out of urad dal and variety of spices making the piping hot puris flavourful and healthy without any hassle made too easy by Agrawal’s 420 Bedmi Puri mix which can be served with aloo sabzi , pickle , curd , chutneys etc .


    Steps to Make Yummy Bedmi Poori with Agrawal 420 Instant Bedmi Poori Mix

    • Initially take 500g Bedmi atta in platter.
    • Knead with 300ml Warm Water.
    • Put a spoon of ghee on it and cover with wet cloth for 50-60 min after that make into puri size and fry it.
    • TIPS: Take more oil in frying pan to make puri better and consume lesser oil.
    • PROCEDURE TO SERVE: when ready, serve hot Bedmi Puri with Aloo Sabji or Bedmi Chatni.
  • Kesariya Thandai – 750 ml

    Thandai is a traditional drink from ancient India, It gives a tremendous cooling effect and is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Shreej Guruji Kesariya thandai is an anti oxidant and helps in maintaining good health with a great taste.


  • Plain Ajwain Mathri- 500 gms


    Plain Ajwain Mathri preferred by many as a Special India Tea Time snack, Plain Mathri is a Special Savoury Tasting very much like it was cooked in your moms kitchen. Enjoy this Special Dish with our range of Pickles or just plain with your tea or coffee.

    Mathri is a Rajasthani Snack preferred across the country by all ages and all genders. Our Special Home made Ajwain Mathri is pretty soft so that it can be eaten by people of all ages.

  • Mawa Gujiya- Agrawal Sweets- 500 gms

    This  Holi Special Mawa Gujia is made of Refined Wheat Flour and is loaded with Dryfruits.

  • Mawa Gujiya – Home Style- 500 gms

    Mawa Guijiya, a Special home made delicacy specially made during Festivals, is a yummy sweet that just melts as soon as you put in your mouth. This Mawa Gujiya uses Special Superior quality Mawa and is stuffed with sweeted mawa filling.

    This Festival season send your loved one this great and premium Delicacy and order it for yourself also and Enjoy the taste of love and old festival times again.

    Please note – Mawa Gujiya is a very soft sweet so you may find few breakages in transit.

  • Roasted Shakkarpara – Kesar Elaichi

    Special Roasted Shakkar Para with a flavour of Kesar and Elaichi has a yummy taste which will leave your mouth watery and demanding more…

    Special Roasted Shakkarpara is best suitable for evening and morning snack and widely appreciated for its crispness and delicious taste. A Sweet Snack preferred immensely by people who love to eat Sweet Sakar Paras; but either do so with a guilt or just deprive themselves because of the these being deep FRIED – with the roasted version, they can indulge in guilt free eating.

    Can be consumed by people of all the ages. Moreover, it is ready to eat & can be eaten instantly at the hunger time.

  • Maghai Pan Big

    Maghai Pan – 60 pieces

  • Agrawal Sweets Sohan Halwa – 500 gms

    Sohan Halwa is a traditional Indian and Pakistani sweet,  and believed to be of Persian origin, linked with Iranian sweet Sohan.

    Order through www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered all across India.

  • 650.00680.00
  • Maghai Pan Small

    Maghai Pan – 25 pieces

  • Pista Longe -250 gms – Agrawal Sweets

    An Indian fudge made with the finest quality Pistachios. Get it delivered at your door steps or deliver it to any special relative any where across India. Order now on www.khaochatpata.com

  • Wheat Crunchies Roasted – Magic Masala

    Buy Wheat Crunchies Roasted – Magic Masala online. Order on Khaochatpata.com and deliver anywhere across India.

  • Agrawal Sweets Besan Barfi – 500 Gms

    Besan barfi or besan chakki from Agarwal’s Delight is one of the most favored product renowned for its authentic and pure taste. A one taste that will surely leave you craving for more. Go ahead and order this now through www.khaochatpata.com.

  • Anjeer Dryfruit Laddu

    Anjeer Dryfruit  Laddoo a rich sugar free sweet that is loved by all age groups. So full of energy and iron these laddus are suitable for fast too. Special Anjeer (fig) Dryfruit Laddooo box  packed in a special gift box and blended with perfect taste and quality.

    Order this Special Hand crafted Anjeer Dryfruit Laddoo Box for yourself or send it to a loved ones and enjoy the yummy taste.

  • Kaju Katli – 500 Gms

    Kaju Katli is specially made with finest cashewnuts and has just about enough sugar content in it. Agarwal’s Delight Kaju Katli enjoys a very special place among sweet lovers. It’s a special treat and can be an ideal gift for your friends and family during any occasion or festival. A must try. Order Online today only at www.khaochatpata.com and get delivery anywhere across India.


  • Kesariya Thandai Masala – 250 gms

    Thandai is a cool, refreshing and energetic drink. Loaded with kesar and dryfruits it is a perfect drink for any special occasion. Rejuvenate your spirit on any hot day with a glass of chilled thandai. Traditionally preparing the thandai masala is a long process, but now prepare thandai with this readymade thandai masala from Laddhaji in a just a few minutes. Order online on www.khaochatpata.com and avail laddhaji’s special Thandai Masala anywhere across India.

    Serves 30 Glasses

  • Badam Katli – 500 Gms – Agrawal Sweets

    Kaju Katli is specially made with finest cashewnuts and has just about enough sugar content in it. Agarwal’s Delight Kaju Katli enjoys a very special place among sweet lovers. It’s a special treat and can be an ideal gift for your friends and family during any occasion or festival. A must try. Order Online today only at www.khaochatpata.com and get delivery anywhere across India.


  • Roasted Gurpara – Chia Seeds – 250 gms


    Healthy Roasted Gur- Para. As the name says, sweetened with Gur (jaggery) this is a healthy sweet and roasted snack, which all age groups relish.


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