• Instant Sabudana Khichdi – 200 gms

    Sabudana Khichdi is a one meal dish that makes breakfast or an entire meal complete. Highly consumed during fasts, Sabudana Khichdi is loved by all age groups. Pamas gets to you Instant Sabudana Khichdi, where you don’t need to worry about cooking, just soak in water for few minutes and it is ready to eat. So go ahead and try one today.

    Order today on www.khaochatpata.com or whats app on 7024158888 and get it delivered at your door steps.

  • Peanut Gud Laddu

    Fast special peanut laddus made with gur ( jaggery).Order today on www.khaochatpata.com

  • Ratan Hing Mogar- 500 gms

    Crispy, healthy, tasty Moong Mogar with an amazing added flavor of hing. Order yummy Moong Mogar on www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered across India.

  • Pamas Instant Upma- 200 gms

    Upma is a basic breakfast that is common in almost all Indian households. It is a healthy and nutritious dish.. Pamas gets to you Instant Upma, that can be ready in just 5 minutes,just add hot water to it and it is ready to eat. So go ahead and try one today.

  • Ratan Dalmoth – 500 gms

    Tempting Dalmoth with a ‘Chatakdar’ taste.

    Order on www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered anywhere across India.

  • Paranjpe Fariyali Mix Aata – 500 gms

    Fariyali Mix Aata is a mix of 5 ingredients. It has Singadha, Sabudana, Mordhan, Rajgira and Moongphali. You can make falahari puri/paratha, halwa, bhajiyas with it. It can be used in fast/vrat. Order now on www.khaochatpata.com and get it delivered right on your door steps.

  • Instant Sabudana Khichdi- 200 gms

    Fasting or not fasting, whether in travel or at home just Pour 1 cup of Sabudana khichdi Mix in a bowl, Mix 1 cup of normal water, Soak this Mixture for 3 to 4 hours, Heat the Sabudana khichdi and Serve. Garnish it with Coriander leaves if needed.

    (Sabudana Khichdi when accompanied with Fariyali mixture tastes awesome. Order Fariyali Mixture along with this and enjoy)

    Order on www.khaochatpata.com and get Instant Sabudana Khichdi delivered anywhere across India.


    Dosa is a south India delicacy & liked all over the world for its light & healthy nature. Dosa can be a favourite breakfast item but for the laborious process of soaking, grinding of dal etc. it may not permit you to indulge in your favourite breakfast or meal. Now enjoy hot & crisp dosas with your family with easy to make 420 AGRAWAL DOSA MIX. Just mix water to the mix and the batter is ready.

  • Aata Laddu – 400 Gms

    Aata Laddu, made with best quality pure ghee. Feel the ladoos melt in your mouth as you enjoy the homely taste.

  • Shahi Dryfruit Chiwda – Home Made

    This special home style chiwda is a favourite for Special occassions like Holi other festivals and even for your regular chewing. This Shahi Home style Chiwda is made of Premium Indori Poha and contains Cashewnuts, Peanuts, Coconut Flakes and a distinct flavour of Neem and kadi patta.

    This special home style Chiwda will keep you wanting more of it and has a perfect balance for people who eat less spicy namkeen. Just order it once and we are sure you will add it to every order of yours.

  • Special Namakpare Home Made – 500gms

    One of the most favourite Tea Time Snacks and a Great serve and much on festive seasons. This Special Home Made Chatpate Namakpare would be a great snack to serve to your guests during Holi

  • Special Shakkarpare Home Made – 500 Gms

    Shakkarpare is a all time snack and a favorite of all age groups. These fresh Moms Love shakarpare are so tasty that you will not stop after having them once. Order meethe shakarpare online through www.khaochatpata.com or Call/Whats ap on +91 7024158899 and get delivery at your door steps or gift across anywhere in India.

  • Til Mawa Laddu – 400 gms

    A great combination of til (sesame) and mava. Enjoy these soft laddus, which have the taste of home made laddus. Order today on www.khaochatpata.com



  • Virgin Besan Sev Home Made – 500gms

    Home made Besan Sev with no preservatives, a Yummy Chew for your snacks. The taste is just too good for any age. The yummy snack has no preservatives added and thus is a pure munch for your tea time also.


    An all time favourite snack, can be fried or roasted.

  • 420 KHATTA MITTHA CHANA PAPAD (Premium) – 400 gms

    The unique flavor introduced by the company itself gives it a feeling of elevation as it is one of the best selling product across the country. Especially made by the premium quality of material with the perfect blend of pulses, asafoetida, chowsaji, spicy red chillies and, Carmon seeds and aromatic cumin seeds, these papads have secured a place in the daily lives of hundred of Indian in every state and every home.


    Chowsaji, black pepper , and asafoetida together with a crispy , crunchy crust gives an unmatched taste that completes the entire requirement of your food plate.

  • 420 Punjabi Masala Papad (Premium)

    An all time favourite snack, can be fried or roasted.


    A gujarati delicacy made in minutes. Prepared with the finest chana dal and spices, 420 instant Khaman (dhokla) mix has all the necessary ingredients in the right quantity which give an instant, light, and yet complete treat to one and all.

  • Be Original Khakhra Wheat Thins – Roasted

    Brand:Shanta G

    Khakhra, a healthy snack is made of wheat flour, Edible oil and iodized salt. Shanta G khakhras are hygienically made crispy and crunchy khakhras. Enjoy these fresh vacuum packed Khakhras at any time of the day.

  • Chatpata Crunch Khakhra Wheat Thins – Roasted

    Brand:Shanta G

    Chatpati baton ke sang Chatpata Khakhra ya fhir boring se dopahar ko mast banane ho jaye Shanta G ka Chatpata Khakhra . Do try Shanta G Chatpata Khakhra through www.khaochatpata.com. Khao Chatpata through khaochatpata. Available in vacuum packed packets to keep it fresh for long..

  • Cheesy Maska Khakhra Wheat Thins – Roasted

    Brand:Shanta G

    Chatpati baton ke sang ho chahe boring si dopahar ko mast banana ho, kisi bhi samay ke liye ekdum perfect hai Shanta G ka Cheeze Khakhra . Do try Shanta G Chatpata Khakhra through www.khaochatpata.com. Available in zip plus vacuum packed packets to keep it fresh for long..

  • Chineese Chaska Khakhra Wheat Thins – Roasted

    Brand:Shanta G

    Chineese Chaska, the name itself tempts children to eat this healthy snack from Shanta G. Available in vacuum packed packets to keep it fresh for long..

  • Combo pack – Khakhra whole Wheat Crisps

    Brand:Shanta G

    Combo packs are the perfect thing to gift someone on special occasions and festivals. They are a small bundle of happiness. A pack of healthy and tasty khakhras in different shapes and sizes. They are 100% natural and don’t have anything artificial added to it.

    Combo consists of 6 packs of Wheat Crisps :

    Curry Patta
    Fafdi Gathiya.


Yummy Namkeen-Snacks, Delicious Sweets, Crispy Papad, Quick ready to eat Instant mixes, Tasty Aachar, Achaar masala to make hassle free Tangy Pickles, and Much More. Buy, order online or send as a gift to your loved ones across anywhere in India with Khaochatpata.Com

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